Lifestyle planning       

Lifestyle – noun –  “the way in which a person lives.”

The Oxford English Dictionary very simply defines the meaning of lifestyle. In reality your own lifestyle is not that simple though. Lifestyles are a matter of personal choice, and require planning, funding, maintaining and reviewing. Our Lifestyle Planning service acknowledges this and helps you to plan and maintain your own, in two separate stages.

Part 1

The first stage is a Financial Data Plan. We produce this for you before you actually meet an adviser. It records every aspect of your current finances: Income, Expenditure, Assets, Liabilities, Pensions, Savings, Protection and then produces a cash flow forecast for each individual year to age 100. This enables you to see if you can continue to fund your current lifestyle, especially after significant events such as retirement and the death or disablement of you or your partner. Any shortfalls are clearly identified, putting you in an informed position, prior to you meeting with a Hampshire Hill adviser. This enables you to engage with the adviser on the issues that really concern you and removes any uncertainty about the actions you are recommended to take. The positive feedback we receive from this open and innovative approach to financial planning is very satisfying and is evidenced by the amount of testimonials we receive, some of which are displayed on this website.

Part 2

All clients undertake the Financial Data Plan. Many then elect to progress to the full Lifestyle Planning Service. This builds on the Data Plan by taking into account a clients’ personal objectives and goals. These could be literally anything but common examples are retiring early, moving abroad, downsizing a main residence, buying a bigger property, spending more on holidays in retiremestyles03nt, selling or retaining a business and purchasing rental properties. All these Lifestyle events have a financial effect and we reproduce your cash flow forecasts, taking into account what it is you want to do in the future. This enables you to see if you can achieve your dreams and objectives and, if you can’t, what you need to do to about it.

Our Commitment

By nature, our Lifestyle Planning Service is a long-term commitment to you, your family and your personal objectives. As such we meet with you every six months to review your circumstances and objectives and to recommend any action we feel necessary to keep you on track. This long-term commitment is much appreciated by our clients who feel secure in the knowledge that their financial arrangements are being looked after consistently, not just at the point of sale of a product.

If you feel this client-focussed approach to financial planning appeals to you, please contact our Lifestyle Account Manager on  01623 750000 . He will explain the process in greater detail and set the ball rolling.